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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Big day of ME, my BF and my Dad

ya, we have the same birthday
it's cool right?

Actually am quite fed up on my pre-birthday celebration that day
I rush here rush there to get my dad's gift and thanks to the GPS,
we get lost and kept turning around the KL
it's like KL one day trip, wth
and ended up I am late for the gathering :(
But luckily my hiao poh was there with me 
So sorry to Kimi babe, Dexter, Grace babe and Ning :P

After meeting with them,
meet with my bang and Roro!!!
It was my first time at Victoria Station
Thumb's up for the food, naiseeeee

hmm, nothing much to say
let's take a look at the photos I took that day

with Kimi :)

with the gals, opps! forgot to take picture with guys >.<

Birthday cake from haagen daz

after a while, LOL! kosong

Look at roro's face! LOL!

My fav picture of the day! I look so happy! :D yes, I'm

Hope bang likes the thing I did for bang :)
As you know, am tut so I took quite a long time to plan all that
Stress mia tau! lol

Big hugs to roro who helped me out alot! xoxo

Moreover, Thanks for all the birthday wish

and will be having another belated bday celebration with er er, deedee, evvon and etc :)

My feeling is kinda complicated at this moment
and I couldn't find a word to express it
I feel so lucky to have these 2 mens with me
although they are quite hard to please, lol

By the way, CNY is coming soon
Already have so many plans in my mind!
Can't wait for it!! Girls day out FTW

End with loves,