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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Our eyes * BarbieEyes

Hey peeps!
everyone is wearing contact lens nowadays,
even though they are not the patient of short-sightedness
Putting on colour lens is a trend, lol
But have you wear the right lens for your eyes?

There is a lot of fake lens selling among the so called blogshops
I tried their lens once before, it made me eyes very uncomfortable
Very dry and kept dropping out from my eyes :(
Indeed, they are cheap compare to the lens from legal websites/outlets
but won't you feel panic when u put a RM20++ thingy onto your eyeballs? o.o
You don't even know what they used to make the colour lens right

so it's better to get your colour lens from legal sellers/suppliers
Take good care of your eyes please

Wonder where I get my lens from?
It's barbieEyes!!! 
the (link) is here, feel free to have a look :)
They're selling variety lens from Korea
Not only looks nice yet comfy
now available at all a-look and proeyes optical stores!

my eyes: "weeeeee!! I feel good!!" LOL

pamper your pretty eyes with breathable and comfy lens ya :)