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Thursday, December 30, 2010

10 things you (might) don't know about me

1. Chocolate maniac! Just a bite of chocolate helps to calm me down no matter how worst my mood was, it helps alot! NO JOKE lol

2. Not a daughter who comes from a rich family like what you guys think

3. Lizard is the most scary creature in my world, yucks

4. Don't like to gossip about somebody i don't know, we can't judge a book by the cover right? so I only gossip about someone who I really know them in person XD

5. I prefer listening more than talking, so when I going out with bunch of friends, I seldom talk but doesn't mean am getting mad or not in mood or whatever, am just paying full attention to listen what they saying

6. Am a quiet person when you don't know me well, I just shy to talk but not acting cool, lol. I guess most of the girls are like this? 

7. According to my friends, am not an ordinary girl. I take it as a compliment, thank you 

8. Beef, cheese, snowflakes are my favourite food and Elmo is my favourite puppet! :P

9. Impatient is one of my characteristics

10. easy to forgive but not easy to forget. I don't hate people but I won't let people take me for granted as well :)

~*~ we wish you a merry Christmas, 
we wish you a merry Christmas, 
we wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new year ~*~*~

Feel like singing for no reason
Oh ya, I went to Bangsar Shopping Mall last 2 days
I never been there, it was my first time -.- sounds like sakai I know, bla whatever :P
the environment is good, I'm loving it
and we had our dinner at Chinoz, don't forget to try their Fish&Chips and Pizza if you are there
Thumb's up, I ate quite alot even am on diet, hah
okay, let the pictures do the talking now