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Tuesday, November 2, 2010


October, November and December are fulled of events & parties!!! OMG
Lack of time seriously -.-

okay, back to life
Went to 2 parties 'Passion of Fashion' and 'Halloween' in the same week
I really don't understand how the people are able to partay like 3-4 days in a week?
Don't they feel tired and exhausted? I do! lol
for girls, we have to make up nice nice, dress up nice nice and after partay, we have to remove make up nicely as well -.-
oh well, ofcause I do enjoy clubbing............
AS IN** my girls and dudes will be there and the dance floor have space for us to dance like nobody's business
I regretted to go club during special occasion like Halloween
the club is pack like hell, people smoke like hell, push and pull like hell and the worst thing is...!!!

the dance floor is like...Sardin in the can -_-
anyway, am so glad to gather with my model friends :) hearts you guys lots
sigh, not much to tell, let pictures do the talking la ya

 - Passion of Fashion -

*I know most of my pictures but no choice, the place is too dark and i dun like flash, so yea ><*

- Halloween@Phuture -
* am the red evil of the day :D *

That's all for now, back to work 1st
miss me kay? :P