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Friday, November 5, 2010

Stop Questioning

How you slim down?
Why you look so much different compared to last time?
why why why, how how how
I think I could get an Iphone4 if I collect RM1 everytime people asked me the questions above

our body systems might be similar but our genes are different
so yea, you have to find out the way which suits you the most
but not following how others did
and determination is the key of successful
make up your mind if you really want to achieve something

people said, Aquarian is hard to predict
oh well, it's true people
most of the people can't figure out why I get so frustrated when people ask me those questions
I just feel so tired of repeating the answer again and again and again
especially when am not in a good mood
so yea, pick the right timing then I will be good to you :)

Am doing the meditation every morning if I have time
it's good for raising the EQ and it works on me! lol

when I heard the FM's DJ said that-
are you living the life you wanted? if you aren't, why not start from now? if I have a choice to live the life that I wanted for so long, sigh
Have to concern about so many things, life isn't easy like 123
and high expectation from the 2 beloved man just make me wanna grow asap
I don't wanna see any disappointment in the eyes again ♥

and for the another family, a typical drama is showing up too
a women pretended that she loves the man then use some trick to grab his money and property, slowly
what a scary women she is! ewww

anyway, back to life
am looking for heels suppler/wholesales, anyone? contact me please
and my shop - storybook still looking for a full time graphic designer
kindly contact me too if you're interested

and last but not least!!
I get my bikini!!! Prepared for the sunway lagoon day with my chicks!!!
woot woot, cant wait! :D