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Saturday, July 10, 2010


Just in case you guys haven't check out my another blog at Wordpress (<-- click it) ,
am here to share something with you :)

Remember the Yagami Chan? the "hottest" girl in the world, LOL
I do created a poll for her
and here's the result

*click to enlarge it*

Kinda fun to do something like that
I mean doing a poll ok , LOL
besides, there is one guy claimed himself her fans and asked for her pictures, wth
I think Fb's admin already closed her album right?
what a shame, haih

back to life
Eugigi brought me for Durian yesterday :)
Crave for durian quite a long time d and finally!!! weee
Was kinda happy but something happened..... -.-
nevermind, forget about it since it already passed :)

Currently having pms,cough and flu, combo!! hah
Recover soon please, I wanna eat ice-cream!!

okay, back to work
gonna rush my jobs

we are not perfect but we keep trying

I just know we can't be over
I can see it in your eyes
Making every kind of silence
Takes a lot to realize
As long as I can feel you holding on
I won't fall