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Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Few of my wretch's babes have form a group with me
we are "wee-pop babies" now
*lol, named by me
waiting for the member list
will update later :)

I know many people thought Elton is my boyfriend *LOL
come on guys, he is not lahhh
he is my best friend, also a good brother to me
so please don't misunderstand again ya

there is someone else inside my heart :)

I went 1U yesterday
Bought new clothes at Padini-P&Co
RM200 gone *LOL
I love them so much!
A small surprise for gary as well
He shocked when he saw me *heeeheee
By the way, Gary, you are so tiny!!! eat more k? LOL

Then, I went Pavilion
AD and his crew were having a dancing show over there
Sure I went there to support them
Well done, guys! good show!!
But it's really HOT and we walk around at the street like weirdo
everybody was looking at us *lol
AND I was so no...should be "I was extremely happy to meet my angelyne dear over there again!" :D

after the show finish, had dinner with AD then I met my dear :)
But something happened made me feel bad
special thanks to Raynor who fetched me home :)

Seriously, I'm not a flirty girl
so I really cannot understand and cannot stand with flirty person
I hate flirt very much!
even just a word "dear" or "darling" or whatever sweet talk, for me, those are just specially for my bf
So please don't flirt with me
and my friends, don't enjoy flirting out there
coz you will get the retribution some other days
don't trust it? fine, let see!

Okay, finish venting :)
feel better *phew~

after this...opps...what else huh? hmmm...uh huh!

wanna say thanks to my buddies and friends who always comfort me when I am feeling down
Thanks a lot!!!!

GOD has given me a tough life, since I was born, my life is not easy-going
I do appreciate HIM as I won't be so strong if I never been through those suffering days
and one more thing, HE always giving me a gift at different stage in my life
every men that has came into my life was a gift
they gave me sad memories so that I know what is happiness, besides, they made me strong and stronger
and now, HE gave me "friends" who really care about me so much
their caring for me is already out of my expectation
so yea, thanks and thanks again my dearly buddies!
even we less contact each other, but you're always appear when I need somebody
you all could do anything silly thing for me just to make me laugh
how sweet of you~~~ thanks
I do believe a TRUE and PURE friendship between girls and guys
at least, it's happened on me

And ofcause, there is someone who special to me
A guy who touched my heart :)
I'm tough as long as you always standing by my side

wow, already 3am
my daddy is still playing his lovely XBOX360
A new game has released, so.....I think he won't be hit to bed so early today *LOL
many people envy the relationship between me and my daddy
you all don't know what happened to us, that's y!
we had been through so many things which is unhappy
Just can say that, we are too similar :)

alright, I think I should stop here
someone is rushing me to sleep :P

night people
thanks for being patient to finish my long and boring post