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Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Have no idea what happened yesterday *LOL
Too many things came in one shoot
Got good thing and also bad thing

Good news is.... ... ... ...
curious huh? *lol
can't I say it's secret?
okay okay, don't whack me *ahah
good news is am spotted by toyo tires
excited men~ woohoooo
But not sure yet la, still need to see whether I'm qualified onot
anyway, still very happy with it :)

another news
there are 2 people told me that they like me
OMG~ what happened huh?
Two in the same day
hey GOD, i m just a normal human-being
Heart is not strong enough leh
Can't really afford it

But yea, i'm still alive *phew, GOD blessed me
Really appreciate yours love to me and
thanks for the fun and good memories

A thousand million thanks to YOU

I m getting naughty la
it's yours fault~ *LOL
Don't too pamper me weyy

sorry that i can't accept YOU
there is someone in my heart
I really don't know what else to say
we are still best friend right? my lovely buddies~

life getting busy
suddenly feel to have a rest
but i know i can't have a break now
my daddy needs me
I won't just walk away until our company be stable

few people asked me whether i'm freelancer onot or how i become a freelancer
ahem...I less talk about it here just becoz I don't think I have to show off
everyone have their own lifestyle, no offense
but still, lots people like to mess with me or back-stab me
what to do?
I just being myself
You messed with me, I would like to let you know how devil am I
Honestly, I am not an angel

I won't be generous to anyone who touches my nerves

My buddies know, my babes know,
they know how friendly and how nice am I

it's enough

Don't you think I keep repeating the same issue?
I'm kinda boring with this topic
so please just stop your foolish action

I'm happy with my life and I can't stop laughing when I hanging out with my lovely buddies
hence, you are not needed to entertain me
thanks ya~

Looking forward for the outing with my April babe
ciao people

p/s: an advertisement coming soon