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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Lazy Monday is great

Hello :)
it's 3am now
I should be sleeping now but I feel like blogging
so here I am

oh well, there is a blog's war over my wordpress's blog
but actually it's just a drama that created by the fugly girl herself
I guess she don't know there is something called 'IP adress'?
how naive she was, make me laugh my ass off 
it looks funny and childish, so I think it's not necessary to reply anything
just let her be :D
anyway, thanks for entertaining Y.C 

hmm, I spent a great and lazy Monday with the love one :)
I woke up at the time when people finished their work, how great hahah
since it's already late, we decided to have a walk at Empire Mall @ Subang
kinda disappointed tho, I expect it to be bigger and it should have more variety for the shops -.-
okay, after Empire, we went to Subang Parade then The Curve
watched Predators, hmm, not bad but.........I don't know, check it out yourself :P

*outfit for the day*

it's a very normal Monday, but it's great in a way :)
and thanks for the F21

Love is like a pyramid

I think that's all for this post
heading to bed, ciaoz and night