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Monday, July 19, 2010

Not a proper one

I am back, miss me? LOL

not in the mood now actually
but I am not sad, just not in happy mood
and fyi, I not yet pay my phone bill
so if anything, just ring me up
am really broke now -.- miss my modeling life so much
but sigh, lack of time, have to work hard for my dad's company 1st
I know I can't do it (modeling) well currently so I rather stop it, for now only ofcause
and I will be back to that during my college life, seriously, I will be back!!! :)

-back to life-
I spent a great great day with the love one again, and the sweetie Roweena too :)
but don't feel like blog it out now
stay tune for it la ya

*hope my non-makeup face doesn't freak you out, LOL*

was kinda exhausted today
went to the driving test this morning
I passed for the on the road session but failed on the bahagian 1, damn, FML!!
have to go there again after 2 weeks, urgggg
sorry for all the rude words
I am innocent actually, teeheee :)

hungry, dinner time
ciaoz, xoxo

SHE will be fine after getting some rest :) hugs