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Friday, July 23, 2010

Lewd should not be a culture

hello peeps
I really don't know what to write
what a boring life I have, LOL

kay, let's talk about the girl who named Vienna Lin
you can find her video anywhere around FB
really speechless after watching that
ya, she is pretty and maybe....maybe she really has a good sex skill
but I don't like her. ewwww 

back to life
postponed and postponed melacca post is here like finally :P
not much to tell, let the pictures do the talking then

* the gang :) * 

* the sky, damn nice * 

* awwww, I miss the gula melaca cendul * 

 * boyfie playing with Daryl, lol * me and Roro!!! :) *

 * spot ah Ben? :P *

 * pork satay!! *

 * parking ticket *

* satay celut *

Nice to hang out with the bunch :D
and thx to the boyfie  for the sundae, for the drive, for everything :)