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Friday, May 21, 2010

Keep Trying

Hello~~ Am here to blog about the FIRST party we've done so far
-Represented storybook™ sdn bhd-

FYI, we are just a newbie for event-planning
but I think we did pretty well :D *applause*
It was Darren's 1 year old birthday party
Let the pictures do the talking :)

- Behind the scenes -
 Little little cute flowers~ Lelong lelong :P

 Cloey a.k.a out dreamer was sticking the wine's labels

- It's the day - 
 Me!! of the day :D dress code: blue

 The bouquet that the father wanted to surprise his wifey :) awww, how sweet

 The table deco which is done by us

 Cloey, model wanna-be :P

 The final outlook of the party :)

 The cupcakes, I'm lovin it ~ :P

Darren's birthday cake, it's super cute!! isn't it? :)

I didn't take the picture when the party started, when it's fulled of guest, Hah
Coz I was busying that time
Busying to look after all the kids... -.- sweat 

After all, the party was great!! 
just one thing, the weather!!! super duper hot!! 
the air-con is on but due to the open-air design of Fullhouse, we were sweating all the way :(
this is the only thing that we are not satisfied with

whoever want to have a dream party, look for us ya 
we'll do our best to fulfill your request :)
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