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Monday, May 24, 2010

Hometown one day trip

I was back to my hometown last friday night
To attend relative's birthday :)

And ofcause, we went to makan-makan before we going off to the birthday dinner
Ok, let the pictures do the talking
as in am not good in describing, hah

*my old house*

 *banana trees, LOL*


 * them jungle behind my house*

 *look at the sky :) *

* yum yum~~ my daddy said I look like a poodle here, wtf *

 * the most yummy ais kacang in taiping *


 * my daddy's primary school *

 *getting prepare to the dinner, without make up, lazy -.- ignore my eye-bags and black circles*

 * the pretty lady and the pretty plants *

 *me and my sis, ignore my pale face, LOL *

 * super models!! :D *

* daddy's love *

 *see how much she loves me :D*

 *my daddy and my uncle, the singers of the night, hahhahahahahhahha*

I realized that my life is boring without net, LOL
anyway, had a great gathering with my family :)

I am sorry for what've I done :(
and finally I talked to her and make it clear, I feel glad about that.
I am ready to take all the risks for my decision

*tik tok at 12*