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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Ima little fans

Went to the kursus class last sunday wtf
I slept all the way!! HAH
I think I only opened my eyes for not more then 20 minutes -.-

Off to DCIM show 2010 after the class
it's too crowded!! Fulled of photographers wey
I was looking for Arthur until I almost get lost in the hall, hah
Finally I saw him and I met my idol - Brigette :D
weee~~~ I was sooo happy like a little fans, hah
and abit nervous until I don't know what to respond when she was talking to me *slap myself* LOL
She is so friendly and pretty as well!!
besides, I saw many models too, happy happy
I saw Joannabelle, L'oreal, Weena and etc.
they are gorgeous~ :)

then, Haward brought me to TimeSquare to meet my old old old time AiRen, haha
He cut his hair like Finally!!! OMG
look much more better then last time, seriously!! :D
He is still the same, the mouth huh!! ishhh, made me feel like slapping him!! urgg
Hope to hang out with them soon again, teehee

I went soooo many places that day, hmm, call me a busy lady :P
What to do, socializing and PR is my job
And please!!! Don't always think that am just meeting people for fun -.- I am NOT
Wokay, the last station was Sunway, my second home LOL
Actually planned to go home early that night but my step-mum took my house keys, so yea
I have to lepak until 12 pm then only can get home, sobs :(
Luckily Terence was willing to accompany me, thank you so so so so much :)
We had a pool session and I loose gao gao -.- 
He is PRO on that!! ishh, budak ni jahat

Anyway, I had a great sunday AGAIN
A little announcement here, am going to switch my off-day to Monday
so date me on Monday, don't ask me out on Sunday anymore ya :)

Dilemma... ... ... a big big sighhhhh......... :(

*tik tok at 12*