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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

In a Relationship*Updated

If you are one of my FB's friends
You will see that am having relationship with someone, LOL
yea, believe your eyes
after a year, I make him my boyf, like finally

Thanks for all your wishes :)

1 year, not long nor short
It's time to rewarm my heart
it's time to re-paint my life with pink colour

I'm glad that I get to visit my hometown and take a break over there
Looked at the old house, the old road I used to pass by,
Memories flashed back in my mind
I think of so many things and I made up my mind
 I chose HIM to be my boyf

if you ask: why lah so sudden?
I will say: nope, I never do things without thinking


即时你看穿了也不会说, 对吧?

Contradiction is my weakness
Understanding is my law
Being lovely is my style
"like I care??" is my famous quote
Unpredictable is my biggest fascination
sexy wanna-be is my priority
to be loved is all the thing I want

Bang, please do not break the promise that you promised
never ever break my heart
heart-breaker is not allow
got it? :)

my mind is stronger than my heart,
that's why am doing this

*tik tok at 12*