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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Impossible is nothing * basic

wokay, I look pale always if I don't put on any make up
I am too fair, in a way
and I have a pair of HUGE eye-bags and SUPERB dark circles
I like to scare people off with my zombie face , LOL
as in I seldom make up, maybe I should say that I do not make up during weekdays
I only make up when there is any special vacation or I have to meet up with clients/agent/director
furthermore, I am so so so lazy to remove make up
which I know many girls are same like me, hah
that's why
and please forgive a narcissism like me, I don't think my zombie face is that bad wert :P
but please remember, make-up is necessary to show your respect to others during some important vacation
natural is the best but make-up to make yourself perfect is nothing wrong 

okay!! Back to the topic
"Impossible is nothing"
Am here to give you girls some tips on how to transform your pale face
*since there is so many girls were asking me how I look so gorgeous always (well, I don't think so btw)*
Fyi, I am not pro on make-up, so please remind me if there is any mistake kay?
hence I could enhance my skill as well :)

firstly, observe and define what's your weakness/advantage? 
or you're not satisfied with which part of you face and which is the best part of your face

 *for mine, eye-bags/dark circles/dry lips are the big big biggest NO NO on my face, oh-my-god*

so, if you're facing the same problem with me
get a good concealer!! 
don't get those cheap cheap one, it cannot cover our black circles
and the worst part is that bad quality cosmetics will block your pores and cause pimples, ewwww
next, warm water could save our dry lips
DON'T tear the dead skin please!!! use warm water to soften it and remove it gently

*ta-daaaa~ here's the outcome after I conceal my dark circles and after applying loose powder*
(fyi, my skin condition is pretty good that's why I seldom use foundation)
this is the simplest make up for me, and it's my favourite. clean and simple :) and it's suitable for daily use.

Having a good condition of skin will make you look gorgeous :)
drink more water and sleep more, 
I am not a good role model as in I sleep late and live like a vampire. tsk tsk tsk

girls, try it out 
there is more tips on make up will be updated, stay tune ya
*comment please, have to know how's the respond from you girls*

*tik tok at 12*