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Friday, May 28, 2010

Impossible is nothing * Dolly Japo eyes

Fyi, my eyes are very small and I have a pair of dreamy eyes, hah

HOW to make my small eyes into Super Big Dolly eyes?

 *before ------> after*

here we go :)

1st pt : Colour lens
2nd pt : Long&Natural fake lashes for the upper part, short&natural fake lashes for 1/3 of the bottom part (yellow arrow)
3rd pt : Thick and long eyeliner (blue arrow)
4th pt : A little bit shimmer on the bottom-middle part of your eyes

It just that easy :) 
for the Japo latest trend, heavy eye-shadows is a big NO NO
maybe just a little bit will do, to make your eyes look more attractive

Sharing is caring, teeheee

p/s: to you, I don't think I have to admit anything
*tik tok at 12*