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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Sayang :)

Finally!! Hang out with Sayang a.k.a Michelle Wong :D

How was it happened huh
Erm, I went for gym early in the morning last Sunday, with Desmond :)
Felt like joining the Body Combat but Desmond already finished bathe when I text him, duhhh
It's ok, next time!!
Then we had our breakfast at Dragon-I, slurpppppp
FYI, am dieting, so I just ate few buns and lotsa vege!!! :)
The rice was sooooo tempting, it was like calling my name, awwwwwww
but.......sorrryyyyy!!! I can't eat you Rice, I can't!! :(

So, I thought of going to Sunway after my breakfast but Sayang text me!! 
"Sayang, did you free? Wanna go Sg wang? "
I was like "sure!! why not?" :)

Waiting, and waiting, and still waiting.......zzzz

Cam-whore while waiting for Sayang

While waiting, I called Evvon Babe and had a girl's talk then I called Angelyne dear
as in she text me the night before it but ended up she didn't reply, I thought what happened!! apa la luuu -.-
well, Sayang took 1 hour plus to pick me up at The Curve, hah
I was standing at the South Entrance of The Curve with a big sun-glasses!
hahahhahahhahah, super star wanna-be!! Crazy meh, no la, it's becoz it was fcuking hot!! until my eyes can hardly open -.-

Sayang and me went to Sg wang and watched the Perfect Ice Audition
I met Jun Kok there!! hah!! he was there to support his gf, awwww, sweet :D
After Sg wang, Sayang brought me to meet her Modeling Teacher, Mary :)
She looks pretty and know what? She was the Champion of Miss World for 1999!!!! No wonder!!
And her daughter!! Damn famous in modeling, wow, she is only 8 years old weyyy!!! Cute sial!! hah
And!!! I went Mary's house, she has a room to display her awards!! 0.0
Salute! :)
Sayang purposely went to Cheras to fetch her Sis, Yushiko
They just can't stop arguing -.-
while walking, while driving, while eating
woah!! wont tired meh? hah
But I know sayang kinda care for her, or else, what for you keep advising her la right?
after I listened to the story of Yoshiko, I was like "WTF?"
teenagers nowadays really.......aikssss
Never ever underestimate them!!! Oh god

Sayang intro her family to me, I felt great to know her family :)
Especially her Grandma, she cooks well!! hah :P
And ofcause, sayang's cousins!!! I love them!! :D funny sister-brother

We have nothing to do after our dinner so we decided to go pasar malam, woah
Night market!!! It's been a long time I never go to night market since I moved to KL -.-
Ok!!! Pay attention now!!!
there is something happened on the way to hight market, something very serious
Please don't make fun with it

Notice the yellow circle?
hahahhahahahhahahhahahaha, opps sorry, wondering why I laugh so hard? :D
well, I don't know what you guys see in the picture.
A head with gold hair? A puppy with cream-coloured furs? whatever la
here is the conservation between us

Sayang: " eh guys, look!!! why the head in the car look like that? kinda weird lo!!!"
Me and her cousin (Po Zai) : "whr?? eh, ya wor.hah"
*then we didn't care so much la, continue 38-ing in the car*
*Suddenly Sayang shouted so loud!*
Sayang: "eh!!! it's a puppy la!!! I saw his/her nose, so loooong!"
Me and cousins: "hahahahhaha, really??? what la you, thought it's a head just now, arglah"
*we didn't really look at the THING*
Me: "but why the furs look like that one? looks weird -.-"
*We laughed so hard at the THING*
*once we get nearer to the car*
Sayang shouted: "eh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it's a head!!!! lala zai's head wey!! WTF"

we laughed like helll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMFG
The lala zai's head looks like a puppy's butt!!! hahahahhahaha
Then we damn bad la, we passed by their car and laughed so hard when we passing by
Sayang still said that "eh, I drive slower, look properly weeyy!! fantastic!"
ehem, we were lame I know, but if you were us, am sure you will laugh like how we did

Hmm, I should sleep now
Uploading my own video to youtube, damn slow -.-
Show you guys next time, just some lame videos :D

*tik tok at 12*