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Saturday, April 10, 2010

My baby Piinko*Canon Ixus 130

Am here to blog about my new baby Canon Ixus 130 a.k.a Piinko!!!
*don't bug me to blog about it anymore, here am I!! :P

At first, I was planning to get the other model which is Ixus 105
It's cheaper.
But Jerry kept psycho me to get the Ixus 130 as in it has more function and 
Ixus 130 is made in japan while Ixus 105 is made in China
he kept showing me the functions, it's tempting! :D
so yea, ended up I bought the Ixus 130 and I am not regret :)
It's worth!
*Whoever wanna get a new camera, look for Jerry and shout my name, you can get a special price! :D *

My babe is the pink one!! see see? :)
The one which in black colour is nice thou, very classic
But I prefer something funky so I chose the pink wan, and hence, it's called Piinko!!

More details about my Piinko, click here

Look at the picture
I swear, it's totally PS-free a.k.a photoshop-free! (people have sugar-free, mine one is PS-free, LOL)

There are few functions that I really lovin it!! *which is only available for model Ixus 130 and Ixus 210*
I'm lovin it~ pa pa pa pa pa :P

1* Colour Accent


Picture with the effect 

the colour that I selected only will appear on the picture and the rest will be in B&W, cool to the max!! isn't it? only Canon is able to do this special effect! yaaaahoo

2* Miniature effect


Picture with the effect

can you see the difference? :) It will only focus on the spot you chosen and the rest will be blur! 

Photoshop? it's already outdated! Get a Canon Ixus 130/ Ixus 210!!
You can have more fun with your cam-whore session!!
p/s: Canon never pay me any advertising fees :D