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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Feel me

I really don't know how to start my blog anymore

nevermind, let's talk about my day at 3rd of April
I went to Gym at 7am, met up with Desmond :)
know what? A british came over to talk with me, in cantonese! :D
Damn funny la, at first, I don't really get what he said
then he repeated again
he said :"zou san, mei mei" HAH
I was like :"what? woah! you can speak cantonese??"
erk, I wonder why I talked to him and answered his question LOL
Mami told us not to talk with strangers~
but sorry lah, I don't have Mami so I don't know about it, I assumed :P

after that, I rushed to Time Square as I have a job over there's a job under Speedlightprokit and Canon
The photographers kept teasing me that they hire me to sit only, sit model HAH
why they said so?
Cause I just sat over there and wait for them for around 2 hours
then ki-cha ki-cha, few shots only, DONE! -.-
anyway, nice to meet Foong and Max and those pro-photographers :)
Thanks a lot

then, I was late for my work
luckily I didn't get screw from my daddy :P

(SOL=sigh out loud, a new word)
How much I wish I can get my car license soon :(
And start my study soon
I wanna have more free time lahhhh, urggg!!
My time is fcuking not flexible now
Sometimes, my FRIEND is not free on the day I on leave, sigh
What to do

Oh ya, did you guys notice the new widget that I put on my blog?
"ask me anything"
yea, just type your question over there and send!
I will try my best to reply you and it's 90% true
any question

I think i just stop here,
really not in the mood to blog
sorry my readers :(
*tik tok at 12*