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Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Well, now I gonna show you guys the result after 1 month am joining Fitness First
It's kinda effective for me as in I go there at least 3 times a week, hah
Crazy? hmm, that's my way, once I made some decision, I will do very hard for it :)
so yea, I got the result
Not really big different lah, but at least can see something
it's only a month, so I didn't expect too much :)
I didn't loose much weight actually
my fat mass decrease, but my muscle mass increase at the same time
And my trainer did tell me, weight is not a major issue 
So now I have to reduce my fat mass, raise my muscle mass and metabolism rate.

how about my diet?
Oil-free, sugar-free, low-fat, NO carbohydrates
It's very hard for me to get some food which is oil-free and sugar-free, but I try my best to avoid
and I don't eat rice/bread as in they contain lotsa carbohydrates
Carbohydrates is a big NO NO if you wanna diet
but for me, am a person who love rice soooo much -.-
so I eat rice once a week :D slurp~

PS-free photos again

let's look at the pictures, compare yourself , lol
*damn it! I can't found any picture that I look really fat, I duno why, but am really fat lahh!!! Why pictures won't look that fat ???? :(
nvm, I still found ONE picture that look fat!! :D

tadah~~ look at my arms and my legs, fulamak!!
actually my legs wont go fatter even my body get fat as in my family genes gave me a pair of nice legs :D
BUT I have a big butt!!! ewwwwww :(
I know auntie will like it, they will say something like "hou sang yong ahh~~" LOL

so, here you go the latest pictures of mine!!

Look at my arms, legs and waist
Actually am not getting slimmer yet, just that my meat became more solid
that's why :) LOOK slimmer, LOOK only lahh..hah

Can't wait to look at myself after 3 months of gym :)

Girls, work out if you really wish to be slimmer
don't just diet and stop eating or whatever
I tried before, and I slim down damn fast and became really thin!
But know what? 
my meat became very soft, I can swing my meat somemore, ewwww
my boobs shrink :( sad case
and did not have shape at all, just simply thin and flat -.-
for me, am still prefer nice body shape rather than just THIN

I tried out the jacket that am selling, it looks nice :)
look smart and slim, hah
click here for more information, it's my online boutique :)

*tik tok at 12*