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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Forever is nothing

People said : there is always a LIE in between a BELIEVE
I shall say : there is always an END going after a FRIEND

Sounds sad, don't you think so?

Friends come around, go around
We can't do anything by just looking they walk away
Maybe we tried, we did put afford on it
but since it's not working at all
we should let it go, don't we?

When you were feeling sad for what you've lost
actually you're earning something else
Life will never be perfect, never ever
but we keep trying as a human being
For a human nature, we are greedy
as long as you know to appreciate, it's not a big deal

In Friendship,
I love; I care; I protect; I endure; I back-off; I treasure; 
and llɐ ı ʇuɐʍ sı oʇ ǝǝs noʎ ƃuılıɯs :)

Gossip is not a big problem but when you hurt anyone with your fcuking big mouth, watch out then, please believe in Karma.
Wanna ruin my reputation, go ahead
I know what am I doing, I know who am I
Who the hell you think you are, you are not qualified to judge me
"hey, please shut your vagina!"
Backstabber is such a whore, come over and talk to me on my face! 
or else, Z-I-P. just zip your mouth

Evvon the princess aka my daddy, you know I lve you  

Fishbee, distance make us part, but you know am always care about you right? I like you share your happiness with me, and I like you more when you share you emo-ness with me, this is how BFF works. ♥ :)

*tik tok at 12*