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Monday, April 12, 2010

In love with my baby Piinko :)

Well, I gonna show u guys how awesome was my baby Piinko :)
Maybe you will think that am showing off or whatever, but know what, sharing is caring
Just wanna let you guys know it's really cool and really worth to get one for yourself :)

While waiting my Fren to fetch me from my house
I did a little bit cam-whore, er, or should I say...A lot? hah

So, I was cam-whore-ing in my room which is with lights off
just with the flash from my baby Piinko itself

most of the camera produce bad quality of pictures when the flash is ON
the pictures will probably out of colour, over expose and low contrast
but Canon Ixus new series avoided that problem
How cool!!!

p/s: this is a PS-free post, hence, all the pictures I posted is originally from my baby Piinko :)

Let's back to my life
Went 1U to have a movie - Date Night
it's a comedy! FYI, I seldom watch comedy at cinema
but this movie made me feel like "woah" LOL
It really makes me laugh my ass off!!! what a nice movie
does not like purposely makes some lame jokes
you guys should check it out :)
"F you!! mother F-fer!!" --- awesome!! hahhahahahahha
for who had watched this b4 will know what am I talking about LOL

Before the movie, we went to BXQ plaza for our 'breakfast'
actually it's lunch time, but it was our first meal so yea
it's a breakfast :P
I like japanese/korean food, slurp~

ok peeps, ciao
enjoy reading my blog ya :)
*tik tok at 12*