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Saturday, April 17, 2010

short update

well, let's do a short post
just feel like wanna update my blog

There are few things that I would seldom post at my blog :)
  • Love/Relationship
  • Emo shits
  • Etc

It's not necessary to publish all my privacy la right?

That's why
I always don't know what to blog but I feel like blogging!!! -.-

just simply love this picture, it's done by my Sayang aka Michelle :)
Thanks Sayang

Please don't ask me anything about my study thingy again okay?
Am not saying that you cannot concern bout me but please la don't keep asking
Almost everyday I repeating the same answer -.-
It's kinda annoying, especially when strangers ask me about that
what I mean by strangers?
Net friends who never meet is a stranger to me, girls have the exception :)
As in I have many babe that I never meet but I heart them alot
so yea, all my babes got the special rights 

Woohoo, having my haggen daz's session with the girls this sunday
Guests: Evvon the princess, Joandeedee, Berry berry and Rara aka JiaLoong
p/s-I hope JiaLoong won't read my blog :D

ciao, off to gym soon
Have a nice day peeps
*tik tok at 12*