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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Evvon's Big big big big day

I suppose to update my blog last night
but my house's modem is down again -.-
Ok, let's start my blog now LOL
Evvon daddy, am blogging now, don't keep rushing me leeeee~ :P

It was friday and my Evvon VVVVVVIP babe was having her birthday party at her house
I took a leave from my dad then I headed to Pavilion, just to get her present LOL
As in I really don't know what to buy and I know she love that so much
Somemore she is a rich rich rich girl, she can buy anything she wants :P
This is what I get for her :) From D'hair shop

Know what? this "D'hair shop" is very hard to find lo
I asked the stuff who work at info-counter, he told me it's inside Parkson
Fine, I went Parkson then I cant found it so I asked a salesgirl inside Parkson,
She told me it's at 4th floor
I went up 4th floor, guess what I saw
I saw "A Cut Above"!!!! WTH
hello??? I was looking for D'HAIR SHOP, NOT 'hair shop' la kay?
That is salon, my english wasn't that bad pls -.-

I went KLCC for a while then went back to Pavilion to meet my Minton son :)
Poor minton who was waiting for me about one hour 
Ofcause I dragged him together to the party
His Grandpa's birthday worrrr, he must attend la right :D
Thanks to IPhone's GPS and the briefing from Evvon Daddy,
We arrived her house safely even we had lost at somewhere around Kepong LOL

It was a raining day~ lalalala
We were shocked when we reached there
there was hell a lot of people!!!
I don't know how to call them lahh as in I don't know who are them
so, women will be Auntie, men will be Uncle :P
I just uncle auntie all the way until we get our seats

let's see how chio is my Evvon daddy 
see! see! Hot or not? :)

Ok lah, I know you guys is not interested of what I write anymore
Let the pictures do the talking lahh then, okay? :)

After half an hour, Angelyne dear arrived :)
me, the princess-angel dear-evvon VVVVIP queen

AD-Nickman, my lovely mummy :)
AD: eh nick, let us finish all the tisu kay? kay kay kay?? *eyes blinking*
Nick: erk? -.-

 evvon daddy-me-angel dear
Our current FB prof picture, "whoever did not put that, will be FAT FOREVER", said Evvon.
See, how violence was her LOL
As in we don't wanna fat forever, so we put
but Angel dear already removed, hmm...let's see will the curse come true? :P
Me and Evvon hope it wont la dear *wink*

angel dear ♥

 the couple, double A!! :P

my son, minton ♥!! I just simply love this pic!!! I look effin cute in this pic, awww~~~ pinch me!! :D

Joandee :) The first time we met and I already fell in love with her HAHAHAHA
what a sweet girl, she tried so hard to break the ice and she did it

My Mummy and daddy :) I love them, dun ever think to break up ah I warn 1 of you!! LOL
the rest were gambling, preparing, drinking downstairs but dear and me were cam-whoring on Daddy's bed :P

ding dong ding dong~ it's your bigday!! let make a wish :) 21 wishes

my grandpa, grandma :D
Uncle is so cute!! he demanded us to call him as gor gor and he dance!! OMG

come come come, cake's time~
1st picture : Ivy, JiaLoong, Evvon, Cheryl and errrrrr...I duno how to spell her name ><
2nd picture : I just know the some of them which is at the 1st row :D Keke, Evvon, desmond and Jac babe :)

Cheryl and hanze, I just simply like Cheryl very much!! she is effin cute!! I like to call her as cherry-berry~~ can I can I?? :P
Hanze was the biggest victim of the day, pity :D
Cheryl just keep "drink! drink! you drink!"

Prettie~ :) we were watching show beside so come on! cam-whore a little LOL

whole bunch of drunkers :D

Cheryl: eh, why u run away, come back!! come la, drink~~
What the hell was Hanze doing there?? -.- posing? LOL

Evvon: daddy, see see, hanze bully me :(
Evvon's papa: hanze, come! drink, gor gor drink with you
Hanze: No No No, pls No

Evvon: go!! go!! I emo, leave la just you all, I emo!

Notice what Joandee, Cheryl and JiaLoong doing? hahahaha
But evvon was so enjoy with the fan -.-

Well, I had a great great night with them!!! super high la me, but I was NOT DRUNK la pls
Minton son, I was not drunk!! LOL
I won't get drunk that easy leeee :) come, who wanna challenge me? LOL
I forgot to record down the video when Evvon was shuffle-ing
You guys will never want to forget that show if you guys have seen it!!! :D

*tik tok at 12*