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Friday, February 26, 2010

Late post --- CNY

Hey guys, miss me?
I miss my blog so I am here :)
I know I am late to post my CNY *LOL

--- 1st day ---
Cho 1, also the Valentine's day
Nothing different to me as I had to work too, with Cloey - my new babe :D Adopted by our family
We woke up early in the morning and delivered the valentine's gift to our customer's Girlfren
Thanks to Cloey, she woke me up late so we gonna rush!!
1st we rushed to Pavilion to pick up the flower then we rushed to the destination
The Boyfren, our customer was waiting for us as we were late :P
Awww, how sweet :)
The Girlfren was very happy and surprised!!!

*Was Cam-whore in Cloey's car while waiting for Bryant, our customer who was so sweet :)*

After that, we went for breakfast at Sunway Pyramid
Nando's is ♥ :) *slurp~
*with Cloey @ Nando's, she keep complaining that I look like a Japanese so much, duhh*

Ofcause we did a little bit shopping as we saw "50% off, buy one free one" at Cotton-On!!!!
OMG!! It's too seductive :D
She bought heels that I chose for her, 2 tanks top and scalfs
I bought 1 high-waist dress ( I don't know what it's call lahhh), 1 tanks top and 1 long-sleeve shirt
And we headed to home at 6pm
It's Cho 1, so we dare not to get home too late lahh :P
Mah-jong time after our dinner!!! wooofff, love it :)
and never the less, beer session!! Addicted to Savanna Dry

--- 2nd day ---
We woke up friggin early again

As in we had to fetch my sis to get her ticket
Rushed over here and there, finally she got it *phew
Headed to home and get a call from Anson
After having a nap, headed out again to dinner with Anson
Hmm, does it count as a Valentine's dinner? LOL
I asked him:" where's my 999 roses?" :D
 *At Friday, he was paying full attention on the TV, it's NBA -.-" look at his expression, LOL*
p/s: Anson, don't whack me! :P

--- 3rd day ---
Stay at home as my dad's partners were coming to our house for gambling
had lotsa fun with them, crazy guys :)

--- 4th day ---
Visit my Tuition teachers, Ms Yin and Mr Chan
They have a new born baby, I was like "what?????? seriously ah??"
Didn't get to take picture with the baby, sad case
With my teachers?? Argglahhh, no need la, who will be interested to see uncle, auntie lahh right? :P
*with Cloey's Chorky~*
She was my personal driver for these few days, thanks babe muacksss :)

Well, my CNY is just end like that
Kinda bored la
But I get a BIG ang pau from my dad

*tik tok at 12*