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Monday, February 1, 2010

It can't be explained

I changed my blog layout again
FYI, I will keep changing my blog layout when my mood is not in a good condition LOL
But no worries, I am totally OK now :)
PMS's fault

Today, another Daphne day
It's not Pyramid this time LOL
I went OneUtama with Anson and met Angelyne dear over there
I have not finish my CNY shopping yet la
Lack of time and some of them are too expensive, over budget :P
Maybe will try to make it again next week
BTW, congrats to Famous Crew @ the Showdown 2010 :) GOOD JOB, keep it up ya
After shopping, caught up a movie, The Legion with Anson
It's a nice movie thou~ I like it :)
You guys should check it out but I guess some of you might think it's boring. LOL

I love my fringe currently!
It makes me much more look like Korean :D

Comments from others, "look much more nicer then the previous one!"

Oh ya,
Did you guys still remember the guy who called me at new year eve and keep asking a friendship from me?
He called me on the way I was going home from OneU
Damn it!! Although he used another number
I could recognize his broken english!!!
I din't talk much and I did the same thing to him, I put my hp aside but I didn't hang up
Felt good!! hahahhahahahahha
Don't be so lifeless pls -.-
such a FOOL!!!

I am fcuking need a Camera!!
I know I know, I mention this every post LOL
As in I really crave for it sooooo much!!!
It's like Totally~~! *Quote from Angel dear*

*tik tok at 12*
Daphne 'C