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Friday, January 29, 2010

Back to simple

Bored with my blog layout
Just make it back to simple
Prefer my special blog layout?
Maybe I will change my blog layout again these few days, who knows right?
As in "three times a lady", LOL

Kinda not in mood + PMS ing
Urggg!! what a terrible day
Stress!!! from my parents, FML
No doubt, my dad loves me very much and he try hard to fulfill my requests
BUT he does not allow me to say NO to whatever he has decided
I try my best to fulfill him too
I agree with him, I should work harder at my age so that I might have a better life in future
but could him let me have a break? at least sometime?
Don't push me too much, I am gonna explode! -.-
aiks, what to do
I am his daughter
I have to be tough, as his daughter

Have to wake up early in the morning
I better head to bed now

random pic

with Venice babe :) ♥
Can't wait to meet her again

*tik tok at 12*
Cinderella ' D