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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Busy Week

It's 5:43am,
Am still here
still rushing my jobs -.-
Rush for CNY's, malaysian style la right
Last Minute! FML

Went to IKEA with Earnest on Mon
I bought a multi-purpose bookcase for my bedroom
FYI, am gonna renovate my bedroom
Wanna paint it to purple colour~ weeee, my favourite :)
Then all the furniture will be in Ivory White

As usual, I ate the Meatballs~ :D
While we were eating
There was a foreign girl quarrel with a malysian guy
I don't know how is it happened lahhh
Just know that the gang of the guy kept looking at the foreign girl as she is fat I assume LOL
So the foreign girl felt uncomfortable and asked the guy why he keep looking at her
Isn't she has any problem? or a fat girl is not suppose to eat? something like that lahh
I was like woah!! claps for the foreign girl, she is brave to speak :)
I could feel how the girl felt
This is one of the Malaysia cultures as well
Stare at a people like he/she is an alien -.- 
probably girls will kena, like me too 
same with the girl, I might think that "what's wrong with me? Why you keep looking at me?"
It's so no manners please! unless you know the person 

Reminded me of something
I know what to do and I am agree with you
Ya, you. I am talking about you

Yawn!! I am tired
Head to bed now
*tik tok at 12*