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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I am a Chiorean

It's 8am now -.-
I was sleeping just now but I woke up automatically with no reason
so I am here to update a little bit

Last sunday aka Daphne day
I forced Haward to have breakfast with me at The Loaf @ Pavilion
He was like "w-h-a-t? you come here just for breakfast?"
I looked at him and said "why not?" LOL
I was like I don't care, I wanna go the loaf!!
know what, I am so craving for the U-hu-hu cheese cupcakes lahh
And I guess Angelyne dear will like it, so I wanna buy it, I don't care again
That't why~
I am kinda demanding sometime I know :D

I bought 1 dozen, only RM30
The price is kinda reasonable lahh right?
But at last, I didn't eat that
I gave it to Angelyne dear and Nation Strike's peeps :)

After Pavilion
We decided to go Time Square
I swear!!! I will never go Time Square again!!!
There is smelly and just like a zoo
No's true!!
The environment made me dizzy and feel like wanna vomit
Gosh!! Sux!!
I can't take it anymore, so I rest and slept in Haward's car while waiting him to buy something
The time is still early so I text Angelyne dear and I went back to Sunway

On the other hand
There were two new Ipoh peeps to join my Daphne day
Ice baby and Ah Fat
They are AD and Angelyne's friend who come from Ipoh
They are friendly and funny!!
Especially Ice baby, she always do or say something silly that make us laugh
Love her a lot!! wish to meet them again :)

Okay, back to topic
I met them at sunway, and Wai yian join us too
we accompany Ice baby to shop in Pyramid then Sg Wang
For me, sg wang is much more better then Time Square please
At least it's not smelly -.-
Ice baby bought kinda lots new clothes lahhh
Me and Angelyne dear were so jealous, hmmp
That day it's not our shopping day so we are not gonna spend any money on shopping
Ice was like "why must choose a date to shop?" LOL
Well, you know, once we shop, we are not gonna to stop unless we finish all the money with us
That's why~
Don't simply ask us to shop please, we will broke 99 :D

And then......
Angel dear's sons aka Kailan and Aaron join us for dinner :)
Then I called VV to fetch me home
He came all the way from Nilai, wandafark
If I know he was in Nilai, I won't ask for his help d lahh, aiks
Thanks a lot la ya

That's all for last Daphne day
Looking forward for my next Daphne day
Angelyne dear wanna bring me to ice-skating
Eevon daddy will join us too *woohoo

10 days to go

Regarding to my title --- I am a Chiorean
FYI, Chiorean aka Chinese+Korean
No such word? Well, it's created by me, Daphne! LOL
Currently I am learning Korean Language
Just started yesterday
I know to write some simple words d :)
smart sia~~

*tik tok at 12*
Daphne' C