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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Daphne is back to modeling*Mummy shot

As I promised
Here you go my last week's photo-shooting picture

*Mummy shot*
Model --- Daphne
Photographer --- Sherman Anion
MUA --- Daphne

How is it?
I just simply like it
And my make up~
First time I put on this kind of make-up myself
How smart was I :D

Well, just feel like wanna blog something else which is not related with my photo
Just read Angelyne dear's blog
There are some nonsensER bang on her blog again
(p/s:nonsense+er=nonsenser, which means ppl who like to be nonsense)
I just do not understand
What's wrong with those people?
Too lifeless? or too admire my dear? or too lonely?
Attention seeker?
Hello there, don't be so childish lah please
Feel sorry for her bf??? hah!! Funny shit
I feel sorry for your family somemore
But who cares, right?
Just like you, who cares what've you done?
me? maybe yes I am
I am too free and too bored to bother what you wrote over there
I just don't like you guys to mess with my dear
Watch out your big mouth!!
Opps sorry, it's your useless hand which you used to type those nonsense
I don't want my dear get hurt for that

Well, nevermind. My dear don't even wanna give a damn to you
Thank you so much, as I have something to blog about LOL

Can't wait for 9am
Going off to meet my dear and others
Have a nice day
Last but not least, comment and say you like my photo! I don't care
I'm lame, just ignore

*tik tok at 12*