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Sunday, January 17, 2010

let's blog

This will be a long post, be patient

it's already 2010, and I am going to 19 very soon
I looked back to 2009
Me and my life were changed a lot during 2009
I had been through so many things, it's just like up and down
Gwen chan-a yo, it's already passed and life still go on :)
In 2009, I fell in love and get hurt badly
I am such a jerk in relationship *LOL
anyway, just fcuk it, I am very satisfy with my current single life
FYI, I am daphne, a girl who never turn her head backward, NEVER
I've been refused so many guys, I am not meaning that they are not good enough
Ya, they hurt me before but I know and I can feel it,
they try so hard to offset all the mistakes they did to me and they pamper me a lot
I appreciate.....but it's too late
so please, grasp your chance and do something on time
once the time is running out, everything is over, don't blame me
I just don't want to look at a regretted face and say "NO" anymore pls
A sincere advice to any guy who I will meet in my future
once up on a time, I am no longer readily believe in human especially guys
Every words they tell, every promises they make, I just don't feel like wanna give a damn to it
No offense, but it's already set in my mind --- care about me? don't just know to use your mouth, do something, prove it!

back to my life, I feel glad to meet lotsa new friends
They delighted my life and I experienced so many first time with them
especially my Angelyne dear, I know she cares about me so much and ofcause me too
Sometime, just abit hard for me to tell her my feeling since we are too 'suk' to each other
It's kinda 'yok ma' lah please..............................LOL
But still, I have to say "dear, ILY so so much lahh~~~"
and ofcause my VVVVVVVVVVIP babe aka Evvon daddy
I know she will be here with me always whenever I need her, muackss are in my list this time, don't jealous anymore lah kay? :P
and my Nickman mommy too :) 
10 months ago, we used to be a HI, BYE friend only 
but now? we can chat non-stop, from head to tail and even from food to shits LOL
Mom, Thanks for being there everytime I need you and finally you get me a father, how good!!! :P
and my son aka Minton too, I know he loves me so much *teehee

Well, talk about my career
I work as a full time designer, don't keep asking me what is my job lahh pls

As for my modeling, I started it during 2009 as well
I was soooooo surprise that my dad did not angry about that
On the other hand, he support whatever I like as long as it's not something bad
How lucky to have a daddy like him *lol
Most of my friends told me that I did well in modeling
But I am not satisfy with myself
Kinda upset sometime, I just can't get to perform what I want 
my expectation to myself is too high? maybe
it's ok, I never give up that easily
All the best daphne!!

My birthday is coming
I wanna get a new cell phone for myself :)
Have spotted three models from sony ericsson 
Gonna ask for the price and start to save money for it

*tik tok at 12*
Cinderella ' D
-poker face still-