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Friday, January 8, 2010

Autumn's Concerto

New year eve's pic*before going off to Maison

Sorry sorry
I neglected my blog for almost one week
Always feel like wanna update
But I did not know what to write
I am lame -.-

Angelyne dear was not here last sunday
She enjoyed at Ipoh lahh :P
So I went for a photo-shooting
Before that, had an outing with my old old buddy, Haward
Didn't meet him like 9885343336 days d
He miss me, that's why
Nah, no lahh
He just broke up with his Gf
He likes to talk to me whenever he is not happy
I am such a good listener huh? :P
Anyway, perhaps I did cheer him up during our outing
maybe a little?
Then he sent me to the studio for shooting
Kinda satisfy with the result
Will show you guys the picture later, stay tune

After that, met Anson at Pyramid
we watched "Alvin and the chipmunks 2"

It's cute and funny yet touching!!!
I laugh and tears
you guys should check it out :)

Currently addicted to the drama --- Autumn's Concerto 下一站, 幸福
Know what?
I cried from the 1st episode until 9th episode which I am watching now
Every words, every scenes in the drama touch my heart badly :(
I should not watch it and now I cannot stop it
Well, I admit I cry easily when watching movie or whatever drama
But this is too OVER pls
from starting I already cried like somebody has passed away

I recommended my dear to watch it
Hope she will enjoy it la ya :)

Dear's fashion show's pic*gila lah both of us :D

Suffer from food poisoning :(
Vomit 7 times last 2 days, and diarrhea yesterday
pity me
But getting well now
No worries

Continue my drama first
*tik tok at 12*
Daphne' C