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Monday, December 14, 2009


Everything is going well right now?
I guess so
I have nothing to do with it
so, let it be

I was very very emo yesterday(sunday)
Thanks my mummy who accompanied me just now
I cannot stop thinking about that unless I fall as sleep
and I slept very well when mum is with me :)

Thanks to Kelvin, Ah Kim and Celica too
They saw me sitting alone outside the studio
so they ajak me to have dinner together LOL

Venice babe came here from Penang,
But it's too bad that I didn't get to meet her la
next time k babe? :)

Angelyne dear said she felt touch for my previous post for her :D
Silly dear, that is all what I wanna say to you
You are so so so important to me
Please keep this in your mind

I don't know what to write anymore
Just a mess here
I don't know

I am waiting for something

*tik tok at 12*