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Friday, December 11, 2009

Specially for HER

ya, a post for HER, my Angelyne Dear

Still remember how was the first time we met?
At the curve, You were walking with AD, I was walking with Toki
I recognized you first then only I told Toki that was you
And I will never forget you screamed so loud when you saw my Cheki :D
The first cheki I took for you was you and AD
After that, Toki always ask me to yum cha with you and AD
actually I have to thanks to Toki la right?
Already forget how and since when we get close and closer and closer like now
  • Thanks for accompany me for our first time shopping
  • Thanks for accompany me to Quattro
  • Thanks for fetching me home few times even it was already very very late, and I know my house is far enough
  • Thanks for giving your time to me every Daphne Day


  • We bought the same long dress
  • We bought the same necklace
  • We bought the same legging
  • And we...........................shhhh..secret

Dear, I love you so much like 90087546453554 times
We've been through so many things
You know what I mean la right?
I am glad that it didn't ruin our friendship
and I hope it last forever
I wanna tell my children
"Drink more milk, consume more calcium, can be tall like auntie Angelyne..." :D

My birthday is coming
But I don't feel like wanna celebrate at all
Just let me pass my birthday alone
I need to talk to myself
I miss myself
Don't ask me why

Wondering how to define worth it or not.....

Don't ask me how much

well, I am gonna hang out with so many hot chicks and hot guys after december
This is the only way :)
First thing is to meet up my mummy first, I need you
Then I gonna meet my bitches lah, sorry for always FFK :P
But have to say sorry to Fish Fish la, due to some reason, I think I am not going to Ipoh that soon d
Wait for me k? I will be there to meet you one day

And I am coming back into modeling
stay tune :)
To kissgraphy, I tell you, you better appear if you read this. LOL
You've been disappeared for so long d

B.E.P - Meet me half way
*the lyrics did meant a lot to me, but it's not anymore from now*
Can u meet half way
Right on the border line
Where I am gonna wait for you
I've been looking out
Nights and days
Took my heart to the limit
And this is where I'll stay
I can't go any further then this
I want you so badly
It's my only wish

*tik tok at 12, no more fairy tale*