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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

It's time

Actually I was sleeping
But I forced myself to wake up
Just in case dear is looking for me

so I am here to update my blog as well
and brain-storming for the flier too
Thinking what to replace that rainbow thingy
arggg!!! pls pls pls my stupid brain!! I need some ideas!!!
Time is running out :(

Regarding to what've I mention in my previous post
-I am waiting for something-
I managed to get what I've waited
I think this is the time
It's time for me to say "it's already gone"~
So yea, all the best from bottom of my heart :)

I don't like to play Hide And Seek
But I am the one who always playing it *big sigh*
Once I ask for something, it means I already knew the answer
Just I always don't like to tell directly
I am such a weirdo who makes people so headache to read my mind
sometimes...this makes the one who cares about me very frustrated
What to do?Why?
This is Daphne.......just accept and try to get use to it jek la *LOL*

As your wish, here you go my chubby face picture :P
The first time I tied my hair like this after I graduate from primary school
Even at high school, I never tie up so clean like this *LOL*

FYI, my mobile has been stolen so I only can cam-whore with my lappie's camera
Ehem, just ignore my pale face la k?
I seldom make up during my working time, so...
But it wasn't look that bad right?
Did my pure face scared you off? :S

Found some old pictures

my best GF in high scool :)

it's one of my ex-bf's favourite pictures, he put this as his wall paper in his hp before...funny! :D

 1st shooting with Jean

This pants make me look so slim *wink*

I started this post at 2:30am and now is already 4:51am
Just like woah!!

Finally Dear settle her thing and I can chat with her
My current pm: DUE him up to the sky and down to the ground with super huge cactus!!
Ya, I hate that bastard.
He cheated my dear
Hmmp!!! I bet he will get his retribution in another 10 years
LOL I am fierce? I don't care :P

I am not a super women
But I will try my best :)

Gossip ing

*tik tok at 12*