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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

I cant think out any title for this

My Super-mach keep torturing me
FYI super-mach is my stomach
I almost diarrhea everyday
It's like automatically
In biology, we call this as involuntary nervous system
*WOW, impressed by myself coz I was able to recall this :D
since it's involuntary system, means I cannot control it and stop it la right?
So don't scold me or being wordy to me kay?
This is definitely not what I want
BTW, have to thx to my super-mach
I slim down coz of the stupid diarrhea
I know I know, someone gonna tell me this is due to my emo-ness
I can cheer myself up and control my emotional
well, I don't know what to answer then
who cares? so..just jek la

Once I fall
Dooms come over
Stress la, shits la...blablabla

My grandmum almost get stroke few days ago :(
Wanna pray for her so badly
But who should I pray to?
I have no religions and I am not believe in GOD
I was a Buddhist and a Christian before
Why I am not anymore?
I don't know, not important thou
She was kinda harsh to me when i was staying with her
WHY? becoz I am my mum's daughter
I was staying with my mum when I was a kid, I keep moving here moving there
It will be very confusing, so I am not gonna tell what happened lahh
My grandmum is so dislike my mum, so same to me, she disliked me
She said a lot that is hurt to me
Try to imagine, she said "you are just same with your mum, not a good thing!!" to a small girl around 10/11 years old
I still remember how was it happened
I was swiping the floor outside my house, she shouted that to me for some reason, then I was crying but still swiping the floor
I cried silently, not dare to face to her and let she saw my face
See, since I was a kid
I already don't like to show my feeling, like to hide, like to keep it for myself, like to be an actress
BUT I have to say, my grandmum is a great and strong women
She suffered a lot for her children as my grandpa was not a good husband (but he was a great grandpa!!)
I think my grandmum just cannot accept me in a short time, that's why she always mean to me
We are getting better now, she did care about me and treating me very nice
just....sometime she is too
but still...I LOVE YOU, ah ma
you must get well faster ya!

well, My close-friends will always looking at me and wondering
"why you can be so positive???"
If not? I should commit suicide? LOL
Ofcause NO lah right?
Just......are you sure I am happy when I am smiling to you?
You cant sure right?
Heeeeee :)

Whatever lahh
I just don't like to make the people around me being emo
I believe that happiness can be influenced
I want you and you and you to be happy
so what to do?
I need to be happy so that only can make you and you and you happy lahh~
I hope I do help a little to be a listener for you and you and you :)

I watched Victoria Secret Fashion Show 2009-2010
just like WOAHHHHHHH!!!!
"just be confident on the walk, and enjoy the show :)" quoted by a Victoria Angel
Ya, It was so right!
CONFIDENT and ENJOY, every model should be
you are the star on the runway, BE YOURSELF, shows your ATTITUDE :)

It's too bad I don't know how to upload video
So, just You-tube it yourself :)

cooler cooler and cooler
*tik tok at 12*