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Thursday, October 1, 2009

wind is flowing through my soul

1st of all
I do have a thing to share with you all
I don't know how smart was I
My mobile phone was dropped into the commode *wth
Then I on it immediately
I know I am so stupid *sigh
So no choice, I have to get a new one
just simply bought a phone due to the sales of mobile phones at somewhere
RM300 for a Disney phone+touch screen which is made in China *lol
This is my 1st time to use a china's product
I don't like the function but I already bought it, so what to do?
Will post the picture next time
I bet many girls would love it *lol

*our shop@tropicana city mall

I have around 8 jobs on my hand
Stress weyyy
please lahh my dearly customers....don't always come last minute
We are not super-men!!!
Designing takes time and we need to do many research
So don't think it's very easy like 1-2-3
We do put many affort

Going to design a website
For my big big plan *lol
Curious?? it's a secret~~~
Okay okay
Give you all some tips
I do many research for fashion in POPteen and choc magazine
I think you all already guess what is it right?
stay tune~

Oh ya, I would like to learn something about make-up
For my own modeling career and also wish to know more about it as a knowledge
for whoever in my facebook friend-list, sure know about my new album-'the RED legend' right?
If I know to make-up nicely, it would be nicer :)

it's raining now's a nice weather to sleep
But I don't feel wanna sleep *muahahaha
Just facebook-ing here
It's kinda boring
But I am enjoying the silence of the night and the wind's flowing through my face
How much I wish it could flow away my stress
I do missing someone now *sigh
I hate this feeling coz I don't know what's he thinking
Damn it!
That's why I don't wanna get into a relationship
it's a suffering situation now
He said he is going to see me tomorrow * means today,thursday
Not putting much hope on it coz he might ffk *sigh~~~
Anyway, really hope to see him soon

Okay, stop here for this post
Night people
Sweet dream ya