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Sunday, October 25, 2009


I was extremely happy yesterday :D
Well, did you guys found that I seldom mention about my modeling life over here?
And not even post any pictures up here
Wondering why?
there are few reasons actually
1st, I like low profile (eleh...bermacam-macam..hahahahha)
and the biggest reason is that..................deng deng deng deng
My daddy do not know anything about that
so I cannot mention it here
later secret bocoh :P
I was not gonna tell him is because I don't like to spread it before I succeed anything
That's why.........
I am not purposely to lie my daddy one

But I was so so so so so happy yesterday
know what?
I told him I am involved in modeling
He didn't get mad while he supports me and said that as long as I happy with it, just go ahead
BUT make sure I know what am I doing
I love you daddy!

No worries daddy
I am your smart daughter
I won't let u down
I will help u out to run your business, after it's stable, I may have my own career
daddy please support me ya :)

thanks to FB and my step-mum also *wink*

Going out to 1U with my dear Angelyne today (sunday)

Sometime really fed up with guy's attitude
I miss my best buddy, johnwin
He is the only one who treat me so good even he never falls to me
I just need a true friend
Not a boy-friend
What so difficult???
When guys like a girl, 100km for him is not a matter
when guys don't like the girl, 1km for him just like the sky and the ground
what the hell is this?
If you are that kind of guys, pls stay away from me :)
For me, I care about you just because I feel the caring from you also but not due to I like you or anything else
just that simple
I believing in SINCERITY
get it?

Yeah~~ November is coming :P
Phew...many birthday parties have to attend among these 2 months

I created a Page in FB
Feel free to join it ya (click the widget on the left hand side)

it's raining now
thinking something