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Saturday, October 31, 2009

NEWMAN magazine

Well, Let's blog

I know that I keep you all wait for so long :P

*eleh daphne, nobody is waiting for you lohhh

so many things happened
already cant recall :D
okay, wait
let me think about it
............. ................. ................
Sorry, Really cant remember *LOL

oh ya
saw Daphne Charice's official website
damn nice weyy
Wish to have one for myself too :P
Daphne, the girl who has the same name with me :)
I think all of you know her as well
as she is very popular :D
I follow her blog since 3 years ago
I am her small fans lahh
can't believe huh?
But it's a fact~

I am going to share a big news with you

yeah, it's about the magazine thingy
the latest NEWMAN magazine is out!!!!
feel free to get one ya
I am on the magazine as the monthly G2 girl
My name is very huge, goshhhh :D
so happy with it
even I am not very satisfied with my work
But I learned alot from there
Thanks to Elton, JyeShen a.k.a the art director, Howard a.k.a the great photographer, Desmond a.k.a the stylist and stephanie a.k.a the MUA~
Appreciate their great work :)
besides, Maxis and Hotlink users can download my wallpaper
cool huh??? :P
more details:

I think my daddy is something wrong dy
he is much more excited then me *wth LOL
He bought FEW copies of the magazine
to keep? to cut it and make poster?
erm..I have no idea why he bought so many :D

I never expect this will be the respond he gave me
it's really feel good to share it with my family
daddy, feel proud of your dearest daughter huh?
I feel proud of you as well, daddy
you've given me all the best you have
and you did well to bring me up

Happy Halloween~~~~
Going to celebrate Ah yee dear's birthday tonight at Quattro
It's my 1st time to club
A bit exciting and also a bit nervous :P

*to baobao boey
babe, how i gonna leave you my hp number huh? :(

my facebook already fulled
join my page ya

an advice to all the girls and guys
Pls don't always lie to your lover
Many lies are needed just to cover a lie
will you be happy with living in lies?
No, right?
so, think twice before you do or say anything
it's very hurt when being hurt by the lover :)