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Saturday, September 12, 2009

YOU and me

hello people
I'm here again
Trust me, I do love my blog, just really have no time to update it that often like before *LOL

Due to the requests from babes and friends
I sacrifice my 1st time to you all
(alah~~ pic only ma...hahahah...say like wat a big deal...LOL)
Here you go
any comment?
I'm still a newbie in modeling
so comment and forgiveness are needed *teeheeeee

Thinking to join the DG colour model search
But.......due to some reasons
I will look forward for the next round

Congrats to SWEETIE as her boy friend did a big and sweet proposal to her
I'm glad to be a part of the party :)
for those people who know who I'm talking about, pls don't come and gossip about her v me
I'm not interested

How to define FAMOUS?

waiting waiting *yawn