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Monday, September 7, 2009

Miss me?

Hey people
I'm back finally
I know I disappeared for so long, should blame the stupid modem but not me *LOL

I'm not going to mention what happened at those days which I didn't update my blog
Coz nothing special :P

+4th sept 2009+Went shabu-shabu with my photo-kakies
Happy birthday to vivian and sim
it's funny la
Wish my birthday don't come so soon *lol
Coz it's scary~~~~:P
Thanks you all You guys always pamper me a lot
although you guys always teasing me *LOL
love ya

+6th sept 2009+
First of all, my first dating for yesterday which mean Sunday was with Ian
We went to play snooker/pool
Surprisingly, I won
Okay okay, I know Ian was not serious on that
That's why I can win
But as what he said, looser should treat ice-cream
So we went for Haagen-daz (omg~~~~my favourite!!!!!!!)
It's damn damn damn damn yummy!Thanks Ian *LOL

Then 2nd round....were Minton and MayC
Ya...Prettie MayC
She looks great and damn fit!
We did go to the "da gei cheong" as well
After seeing MayC play the basketball, I should call her as "slam dunk MayC" *LOL
Was amazing~
Had lots fun with them *mwahssss

Well, I went for 3rd round at Sunway with ney, angelyne, CCA, Elva and Eddie
Again, they are so funny!!! :D
Cannot stop laughing when hanging out with them
Pose here pose there
Laughing like nobody's business! It's Crazy men!
Should be there and watch Eddie's performance
The stupid ney la~
Told me the show start at 3pm pulak (blur blur la u! LOL)
It's okay~ still have lots fun
Eddie, wish you all the best in your next round ya!
Will try my best to attend your show next time k?
Just jek la~~~~ LMAO
And 4th round...........................LOL
No worries, no 4th round

Quite busy nowadays as my sis was working at another place
Me, the only one who helping my daddy
So my time will be pack until next year I guess
But I enjoy my life as long as I can do anything I like on Sunday :P
Although there is just one day for me, it's enough~
Work smart but not work hard, and play hard! LOL

My life is going good
how's yours, my friends?

Last but not least, I LOVE you all my buddies!
Thanks for giving me a wonderful day on every Sunday

Okay, it's time to bed
SomeONE is scolding me already :P

*daphne-the bright side*
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