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Friday, September 18, 2009

Window of the soul

*new lens

"window of the soul"
*direct translated from chinese...haha..abit weird

Nowadays, many sellers for lens out there
Some of them selling it only for RM20++
What the hell *LOL
I will never dare to put a RM20++ thing into my eyes
Not funny men
I don't want to be blind

Please lah
Don't simply get stock from supplier then tell consumers that is original stock from Japan/Korea/Taiwan
I know it's cheap
but you sure it wont damage your eyes?
Eyes are very important, think wisely

I do wear lens as well
But I only get lens from those optical center or official supplier
It will be pricey a little bit
But consider for your eyes, it's worth

Got a pair of new lens from "barbieeyes"

have a look ya
it's the only one who officially get the NEO lens from oversea

Please support ya~