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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Super Power

I randomly chose a topic from the previous post to start my blog today
"The super power I would want and why."
The super power I would want is......"invisibility"
I wish to be alone sometime
I don't like to let anyone found me when I am not in mood
I like the silence *peace
If I disappear, will your guys look for me?
Don't do that, just let me be
Don't look for me, I don't want to hurt anyone :)

Oh yea
I am going to buy Cheki *woohooo
Really have fun with it :D
Did your guys know what is Cheki?
Google it please (FUJIFILM Instant Camera CHEKI)
it's really COOL~
who's interested?
Can place order with me :)

Started to feel bored with FB
Just click here click there
what to do huh?
my group
Girls, have a look ya

Blank gain
don't know what to continue
just stop here bahh

*daphne-the dark side*
get INFECTED: 85%