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Friday, August 7, 2009


I'm so stress now
But it's okay
As a daughter, that's what I deserve to be
No blaming, no complaining, no resisting
I'm proud with what I have now

I'm just 18
Should be a sweet eighteen
But I've to bear so many things at the same time
It mess up my mind sometime
To prove that I am not a little girl like what some people's thinking
I will try my best to settle it, I'm confident with it
Ofcause, for my daddy as well

I'm not daddy's little girl anymore

Daddy read my sis's blog
He act tough in front of me
But I know, it's hurt
Cannot blame my sis, she has a big knot inside her heart that hard to untie
In her world, nothing is important then her lover except herself
We love her, we care her, we thinking of her
But she never know
6th of august was her birthday, but she is not happy to celebrate with us
she already leaved
wish her have a wonderful birthday over there with her beloved
Sis, please let us know that you're safe
Daddy asking about you all the time
He is not mad, just worry

People, after you read this
please don't comment any bad thing about my family
I love them
No matter they are wrong or right
I'm not willing to see anyone get hurt just because of a message from a stranger
I appreciate yours caring
Thanks so much
Yours caring message really cheer me up
Welcome to leave your caring message here :)

Okay, don't be affected by my post
I'm okay :)
Could laugh, could eat, could work as well
I'm tough and positive
No worries

Thanks to Gorgor, HIM, mummy and my babe girls
I feel glad to have you all beside me

Can't wait for sunday
Coz sunday is the ONLY day that I can have fun and release my stress
By the way, I can get my lovely Cheki-cheki on sunday :D

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