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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

What the...the...the...shit

VV just sent me a link from lawyat forum
After I viewed it
I was stun then just felt like.... WTF~
I took some photos and wanna share with your guys
*p/s: don't scroll down if you're eating/don't scroll down if your heart is weak

Okay guys, Ready?
Here you go

Tittle: Try hard,impossible is nothingI re-sized the photos and made them into one
Coz its' too ugly
I don't want to waste my blog space

What's wrong to the pretty girl?
I really don't know why la
No money, No nice-looked, No talent and a huge body
Maybe he is romantic?
Yuck!!! no way man
I will lost all my mood and appetite with looking at him*i'm evil
I am not meant to insult anyone with huge body and ugly
I just cannot withstand with those photos
Look at the tongue *omFg
*if you cannot see it clearly,just click the picture to enlarge
Please lahhh
Behave yourself

So Guys
Be confident no matter how you look like
Impossible is nothing
Work hard for what you wish to get
It can be yours
Miracle is there for you to create instead of waiting for it to come itself

aiksss....I'm feeling sick now
Just move on to another topic

I bought Big Bang Live Concert DVD *ori
going to watch it now
Just a short post for today
Hope your guys enjoy with it

*daphne-the dark side*
get INFECTED:70%