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Thursday, July 16, 2009

My eyes my soul

Since I posted out the photos of the lovely couple
I get many replies from your guys *lol
Yea, maybe it's like what you all said
True Love, Love is blind

I told my dad I have a new husband
He asked me who is that
Your guys know what?
I shown him the photo of T.O.P *lol
Then he just laugh and said: you wait la :D
What la daddy, so funny? cheh~

your guys might think that we are close
But thing was not like what u think
I just moved to here and stay with him for 5 years
In these few years, I realized many things, I changed a lot
I have a complicated family background which I don't like to mention it too much in public
Anyway, I have a nice daddy and funny sister *lol
I grow very well and happily
I feel a lot love from my dad the way he loves me is not suitable for me
But I know you love me, daddy....I do :)

Ahemm *clear my throat
My right-eye has a little tiny hole*shit
Don't ask me why okay?
I have no idea, I'm not a doctor *lol
so no choice, I'm going to see doctor tomorrow
My dad and somebody forcing me to do so *Okay Okay, I will go
Wish me good luck ya guys :)

I changed my FB status
Then Then
Then Then Then
peoples asked me same questions again
What the HELL
But never mind lahh
I already decided
If my mood is good, I will answer
If I m not in mood, I will just ignore or scold them *lol
I'm quite fierce huh? Yes, I'm
Better watch out :D

*daphne-the bright side*
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