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Monday, July 13, 2009

Home "bitter" home

Din't work today
so stay at home, be "guai guai lui"
My dad just told me yesterday "we no need to work on this sunday."
Walao Daddy, why don't you tell me next year? *lol
I already refused all the dates
Aiks...If I know it earlier
I won't be at home for SURE *wink
I miss my buddies and biatch la

What to do at home?
Online, MSN/facebook and MSN/facebook again
Repeated and repeated
Boring weyyyy

Don't know what happened to me
I used to be very talkative and friendly last time
Even to my net friends, MSN friends
But now, I'm only willing to talk much with my buddies and those who closed with me
*you will know how cool am I if you ever chat with me on MSN or facebook
Maybe my buddies were right
I'm too friendly to strangers last time
So I listened to their advice
Be more aware to those strangers and net friends

Thanks my buddies and biatch, and someone(that I cannot mention his name here), they pampered me a lot
I'm a lill princess when I be with them *teeheee

For those MALE strangers, really sorry about that
You may think I'm pretension or "lan c"(in cantonese) or whatever
But that is me
And please, please and please
Don't act close with me if you're not
And net friends that never meet or just chat for one day are considered as strangers to me too
then, for those net friends who were chat much with me
you're just considered as my normal friends
sometime, I'll meet someone that I really comfort to talk with even we just know for 1 day
In this case, he can be included into my "close-friends" list

If for ladies, then that will be different story
I will be very friendly to ladies *lol
Babes, you all should know it right?

I felt speechless when peoples judging me with those sick-minded
Please Don't be rude to me if you want me to be kind with you
I like to make friends around
If you are sincere to be a friend with me, welcome
If you really cannot withstand with my style
just get off~
I'm not needed to explain much
Conclusion=I'm unpredictable

Just msn with one of my bitch, Pearle
She said:"then I wanna give u a big big and wet wet kiss too~~you will like it LOL"
OMG how cute was my biatch
YEA~babe, I will like it *LMAO

and...MR Daryl complained to me
Don't call him MR
Sounds old, he said *lol
Okay, call you Daryl dude from now on
(old men is like that, very mind for those small lill thing :D)

My line very SUX weyyy
Going to get mad with it *ish

*daphne-the dark side*
get INFECTED:55%