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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Read my mind

Kinda lazy these few days
Lazy to reply sms
Lazy to answer any calls
Lazy to......sigh
I'm okay, just simply feel tired right now

Guys, I did not SMS you or MSN you does not mean I already forget you
Don't be so silly and just let me be

Oh ya
I promised to continue my post last night right?
But suddenly don't feeling wanna mention it
so just forget it, nothing special

sometime I used to be talk in a very serious way
But I'm not angry
Please don't misunderstand me again *swt
I said I'm ok then I really meant it
My EQ is not that low *lol

Wanna back step me, just go ahead
Not the first time I get through this kind of things
So, I don't care
No hard feeling~ No hard feeling~
Clap for me guys~ *lol

Don't know what to continue
let's stop here okay? *wink


*daphne-the dark side*
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