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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Go Go Go Daphne

My luck for this year is really not that good
Why many peoples purposely like to mess with me?
I not even know who the hell they are

Sot Plug!

Today, I just posted "keep bleeding....I'm ok :)" on facebook
something like that

then got a guy thought me cut my wrist then only bleeding *swt
At first, I still explain to him "no la..i'm okay...."
But he continued to talk crap with me
"why you posted something like that? it's not funny"
"why you wanna make peoples worry?"

"Pretty girl like you should be happy always"
"bla bla bla................"

what the hell
I just express my feeling
I won't do any stupid thing to myself okay?
I love myself more then anyone do

One year 365 days, I just emo for few days anything wrong?
Why I need to be punished by a stranger when I express my emotional?
I happy is right, then I emo is a fault?
Read chuckei's blog just now
those spammers really too over
and those passer-by, don't always teach us to ignore, ignore and ignore!
You are not us, you won't know how we feel when strangers humiliate us like t
We are not GOD or saints, those peoples play with fire, they should get the r
etribution which they deserve to

And I strongly think that PRETTY this word is not easy to possess
-PRETTY girl cannot emo
-PRETTY girl must be happy

-PRETTY girl must ignore insulation from shitty peoples

-PRETTY girl use to be a playgirl

rubbish!! who judge that? you? him? or GOD?

mention loudly here: Daphne is not mad, she just wrote in a serious wa
y. :)

I am not a pretty girl since I was born
I tried hard to be pretty
furthermore, I want to be pretty is not because of boys/boy-friend
I think love to be pretty is an instinct of ladies

I will feel happy when I look nice and dress up nicely
So, I learning make-up now
But I found out that......I feel more comfortable without make-up *lol
I less make-up though

I already planning something now

It's about my secret interest *wink
Actually it's not any secret as well
Many peoples may know that

I want to full up my life with my job, my interests and my study
Opps! then how about LOVE?
Just forget about it~

"Single for 3 years" still going on
LOVE make me insane, Make me become stupid
LOVE, you better get off from my life~

Guys, please respect my decision
I need a rest, a long rest :)

I'm sure, when I get ready to start a relationship next time, I will be a BEST lover *lol

I get a new skin for my MSN
Luv it *weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

*daphne-the dark side*
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